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29 March 2011 @ 12:19 am
tv shows: new, old and present.  
On the last couple of weeks I've been trying to catch up with all the awesome shows that I left behind, except Bones, right? 'Cause I wouldn't miss an episode of Bones for ANYTHING.

First of all, I added 30 ROCK to my list of awesome shows, because I felt I was srsly missing something big by not watching it and OMG was I right! IT IS PURE GENIUS!! I laughed so hard with some of the episode, an honest laugh. Tina Fey you guys... she's amaaaaaaaaazing! I have so many favorite moments already that I can't even list them but a few that I always remember are Liz playing princess Leia to get out of Jury Duty, and failing the second time! Kenneth's fangirling over the cast of "Night Court," PETE WITH A WIG!, Jack's video on how to say "NO" to your mom, Tracy's 10 seconds of "Warewolf Bar Mitzvah" (spooky scary, boys becoming men, men becoming wolves), AND (every time I put the "AND" I remember a few more) Jenna with overweight on S2, or Jenna impersonating Janis Joplin, or the Dealbreakers episode in which Jack gives Lemon a make over and she ends up literally crying a river. OMG WAIT, Dr. Spaceman! See?? I can't even stop naming awesome stuff from this show!! Enough. You get the point, I love it! 8D

On to my list of shows I've been catching up with: Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Lie To Me, HIMYM, Fringe and Greek.

Glee - Is awesome as usual. The last episode with the couple of original songs was pretty amazing! I liked that they focused on their issues with Sue to write one of them. Sue, I don't remember in which of the last episodes was but I love it when she goes all nuts throwing stuff at people and people at stuff when they take the cheerios from her. That music they put in the background of those scenes, like it's the end of the world, brilliant. And "Blame it on the alcohol" might be one of my favorite episodes. 

Grey's Anatomy - Episode 7x15 "Golden Hour" reminded me of ER so much that it hurt. Don't ask me why, I just know that while I was watching it I felt as if Neela or Abby were going to suddenly appear on my screen. Other than that, it was good, very good. Torres definitely gets the best quotes, like "Don't wait until this kids gets out looking all Sloney" or "Don't yell at me, I'm a hormone cacerole," and my favorite, that she's having and extra vote for her vagina. Oh yes, and Christina making feel Avery bad after he told her that she may not be suitable to scrub in because of her recent actions...and owning the surgery. HA! Take that Avery! :P

Lie To Me - I have only one comment about LTM. Why the hell wirters/producers keep killing/injuring Mekhi Phifer's characters (first ER when Pratt died, now on LTM where Reynolds get's shot at.) I liked Reynolds!! Why did the had to make him go away like that? It's kind of like when Goodman took that Sabbatical on BONES and never came back. Well, at least with Reynolds we know he's working behind a desk. Right? Grrrrrrrr. I don't like it. Over all I'm fine with the show, I like all episodes and Kelli/Foster keeps owning my heart <3 And, BTW, I wasn't expecting that final question from Emily on "Killer App." You know, even though I think Lightman acts pretty much like a douche on every single episode and even more with Foster at times, I do think they should end up together because... I don't know, I just like it!
Fringe - OMG. There's so much going on in this show to discuss!!! (Fact is, I talked so much over twitter while I was watching the episodes that a friend almost got mad at me because I was tweeting too many spoilers D: but she had already watched the episodes anyway) Personally, I loved what they did with the intro on "Subject 13," and it was an amazing episode. The only thing that got me thinking was that, Peter & Olivia were what? 13 years old or something, right? How on earth do none of them remember each other? I mean, Olivia running away and then Peter finding her...it is pretty big thing for a kid that age not to remember! And how on earth Peter didn't remember at all the whole I-know-I-was-abducted thingy (even if he then accepted the fact that due to his illness he was confused)? I didn't doubted this in the past because they always showed us a much younger Olivia. But at that age? How can she not remember Walter? I still remember my teachers and their face from when I was 6!! Am I the only one who finds this strange??
Greek - I'm SO sad that it got cancelled! I watched their last episode last night and I swear I almost cried while they where demolishing KT's house. I really really enjoyed the show. A lot. Final thoughts on the show? Evan has been a douche since S1 so it doesn't surprise me that he still was one with Rebecca at the end and with Casey when they were classmates in Law school. Ashleigh/Rusty was something I always thought it had to happen, in the back of my mind. I wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not but, having the feeling of them together at least for half an episode made me realize that maybe it is okay. Carisma Carpenter making an appearance early in this 4th and last season was awesome (some part of me stills misses Angel, even though I watched it not more than 2 years ago).  Oh and, "All about Beav" epsiode was also amazing. Walter. LOL. And talking real names, the moment Ashleigh uncovers Cappie's degree and realizes his real name on the last episode... I instantly thought that something like this could happen in Bones, you know, with us not knowing Angela's real name and all. If those bastards make me wait till the last episode of Bones to know Angela's name...I will laugh. And I will say "I told you so" to my own self. Anyway, sad but happy with Greek's ending. 
I still have a bunch of shows to catch up with. First comes Castle, I'm on episode 3x06. Then I'll have to decide between Warehouse 13, Southland or Parenthood. I KNOW, how did I do to watch all these shows? See why I have to catch up? I can't keep up with all of them at the same time! And a friend agreed to watch 30 Rock if I watch Parks and Recreations... one more show to add to the list. I can't live like this! (But I love it!)
PS: I remembered one more scene from 30 ROCK that I love, when we get to see the world through Kenneth's eyes.