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03 August 2011 @ 03:36 am
Politics & Friendship do not mix.  
I'm not a politic person AT ALL, I mean, I barely talk about politics and I know little about it compared to others. I have my views, sure, like everyone else. Because it's impossible not to have views about it (specially this year), but I don't know much to be arguing or defending the candidates I'm for or against. So when my best friend, who knows that I don't like talking about politics (mainly because SHE KNOWS we COMPLETELY disagree (!) ) starts questioning me about my views, it pisses me off to say the least. It's a mixture of anger and confusion. 

It's not just her, it's her boyfriend too. And every single person who's against the political party that I (and lot's of other Argentinians) agree with. 
This is a very special year for Argentina because in October we are having presidential elections. Also, the majority of the provinces are electing their governors as we speak (last week it was Santa Fe, next week Cordoba, this past Sunday Buenos Aires, and so on...). In the case of Buenos Aires we had to vote twice because we use a Two-Round system (commonly known as ballotage). On Sunday we had the second and final round to decide who was going to be the Mayor of Buenos Aires City. It was between Macri, the actual Mayor (who was in the run for a reelection, and won) and Filmus (who's the same party as our president and who also was the Secretary of Education, Science & Tecnology from 2003-2007.)
I don't care for whom your are voting!! Do whatever pleases you, vote, throw your vote to the trash, I don't care!! (It doesn't mean I like it, but I respect it) but don't come about judging my views as if I'm the only alien voting for Candidate X when he's obviously going to win the elections (he did win) and the party you voted for got less than 2%! You say big ugly words that I'm sure you don't even fully comprehend when talking about Candidate X, because you heard your boyfriend talking like that and you want to sound smart and like you know it all, but really? You sound like a jackass. Talking trash about the opposite candidate just because. Why can't you have a normal opinion? I'm not against you saying "look, I don't like him because he said he would do this and he didn't/he thinks like this and I don't share it/etc" that's fine. But trash talking? name calling? that's just low. 
And taking this shit to Facebook? even lower. I don't go around Facebook creating notes titled "Why do you vote for Candidate X?" and taggin you. BTW, I didn't even read the note because I know for a fact that it must be full of attacks to my views and name calling. Or updating my facebook status with "If you voted for candidate X you're no longer my friend/you are an ignorant/you are a piece of shit," to provoke those who don't think like you and later leave a comment saying that "it was a joke and you can't recognize sarcasm." I don't get it. Just now I was browsing the News Feed on Facebook and there they were, her boyfriend complaining about how Macri used a song from a known national band (which apparently is against Macri's beliefs) while celebrating the win at their party. It was a party for god's sake! IT'S JUST A STUPID SONG!!! That's what I don't understand, why do they have to complain about every single detail!! (apparently the band sent an intimation to Macri about it...). People is dying of hunger in this country and these people are more concerned about what song is Macri using or not using! Suck it up buttercup, he won and your stupid intimation won't change that!!
On Sunday my best friend's sister calls me. She's like "Sofi, have you talked to Anto (my best friend)? Because she's all pissed off about the elections and I told her I voted for Candidate X, then I told my grandma I voted for the other candidate just to piss them off." I hadn't talked to Anto so I told her so, and she was all "good, don't tell her but what I actually did was to grab Candidate X's ticket and I cut it down to pieces and put it all inside my envelope." She was so proud about it and I was so horrified that I could only listen to her, words escaped my mind. "You voted for Candidate X right?" I told her that yes and I promised I would not tell Anto about what she did. It's funny because when we were talking she said that she "Revoked" her vote and in fact, that's not what she did, she voted for "None of the above." SO SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT SHE WAS DOING WAS CALLED!! THAT'S IGNORANCE!! I wanted to kill her. 
Anyway, this is a pressing issue that has me pretty concerned. She's my best friend and I don't want the stupid politics to get in our way, but when she starts talking about it and attacking the things agree with it's just so upsetting!! I don't care what she believes in, it's completely opposite to me and I don't understand it, but like I said, I RESPECT IT! I don't go around insulting her. Because even if she doesn't directly say it to me, she does through her stupid comments on facebook. 


ETA: I kept thinking about this through the week and I came to the realization that the word it's immature! She's acting like and immature child, not willing to accept that people have different opinions and bashing them for it. It makes me so sad, and it has me so concerned!  
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Tanja: [Rizzoli&Isles] Touchinga_lot_of_heart on August 3rd, 2011 07:46 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I don't think it's your different view of things, but more the way she handles other people not agreeing with her. And that's not politics getting between you two, it's her lack of respect for someone else's opinion. The election was just a trigger for it. From what you're telling here it sounds like she is someone who acts that way as soon as someone goes into a completely other direction as herself. If she's a rock fan and you prefer classic music over it she would probably be making a facebook comment, tagging you and writing "How can you like Mozart?". It really doesn't sound like this is just a political thing, but a part of her personality that still hasn't grown up.
sofi: Booth laptopgeezbones on August 4th, 2011 12:47 am (UTC)
I know, that's what I think too. She's unreasonable when it comes to a different opinion. I know she is like that but it was never like this, so aggressive, now that she's more into politics and thinks she knows it all, it's so difficult!

And like I said, every single person that thinks like her are sort of the same. You think different? You are the enemy. Almost like our dear president. I hate this situation, I don't care what party she's for, I really don't! I just want to hang out with her not having to worry about if she's going to talk about politics or not.